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Staff Expense Claims Process

Due to current COVID-19 remote working, all expenses claim forms requiring Head of School authorisation should be scanned with receipts and emailed to computerscience@ucd.ie for the attention of Sorcha McSherry. Once reviewed, Sorcha will submit all claims directly to the Head of School for approval, and will forward to the finance office for payment. 

If you have any queries relating to staff expenses, please contact computerscience@ucd.ie 


Staff Expense Forms

New forms have been introduced in November 2020, there is now one claim form which should be used for all travel and non travel claims. The Advance Claim form remains unchanged.

Staff Expenses Claim Form                                       Staff Expenses Claim Form.xlsx

Staff Expenses Advance Form                                  Staff Expenses Advance Form.xlsx       

Please note: If the currency converter in the claim form does not work, please clear the cache by hitting Control + Shift + Delete and clear data


Staff expenses related University's policies and guidelines

As a public sector body, expenses claimed by UCD staff are subject to public scrutiny by the Comptroller an Auditor General and through Freedom of Information requests. It is important that all expense claims submitted by staff and non-staff members should be exemplary in terms of compliance with University procedures, accurate, easy to review and clearly justifiable.

Please ensure that your claim has been accurately prepared in accordance with the University's policies and guidelines detailed below;

Guidelines for Faculty & Staff                             https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/guidelinesforstaff/    

Memo from Bursar on staff expenses 2018       https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/t4media/New%20Memo%20from%20Bursar%20on%20Staff%20Expenses.pdf

University Travel Policy                                      Travel Policy PDF.pdf

Hospitality and Entertainment Policy                 Hospitality and Entertainment Policy.pdf

Advances                                                           https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/advances/

Subsistence rates - Ireland & UK                      https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/subsistencerates-irelanduk/

Subsistence rates - Elsewhere                          https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/subsistencerates-elsewhere/

                                                                           Amended 24Mar17-Foreign Sub Circular 07-2017 Rates.xlsx

Conference Allowance Policy                            Conference Allowance Policy.pdf

Club Travel                                                        https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/clubtravel/

Mileage rates and Motor Insurance                   https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/mileageratesandmotorinsurance/

Travel Insurance                                                https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/travelinsurance/

Submission of false or exaggerated claims       https://www.ucd.ie/bursar/bursarsoffice/staffexpenses/submissionoffalseorexaggeratedclaims/